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mixed media rooster painting in an art journal

mixed media rooster painting in an art journal

I have been prepping a lot of canvases to paint more. When I can’t think of anything to paint, when nothing else moves me, I am going to paint a rooster. It is the year of the cock in the Chinese zodiac so that is my motivation. Painting big…. roosters. Ba-KAWK!
This week’s easels come to us from Jamie Lynn a.k.a. artistpoetgirl, Pauline Chandler and Patrick, and Pamela French!
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The Artistic Biker is a blunt force journey through the art world and art journaling. If Bob Ross, Red Green and Justin Wilson had a love child, it would be The Artistic Biker!
Each week I produce The Artistic Biker Live! on Ustream, then upload the edited videos here. There’s usually a brief beginners art tutorial, and then I demonstrate the technique, and then practical application of the lesson in my art journal. I use everything from graphite pencil and charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, spraypaint, I’ve even used valentine’s candy. So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE ALREADY! http://goo.gl/NyELT
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You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/ni_RBBVdSdo

Painting Class: Fire Hydrant Finale

Tonight in Painting Class I finished up the fire hydrant example I have been working on. We talked about pushing the colors, using quality materials, atmospheric perspective and the whole lot. Immediately after I turned the cameras off, I decided to ink it. I'm really glad I did.

The class is online and free at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19435761
The password for the class can be found in the current newsletter here: https://www.artisticbiker.com/newsletter


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Daily Drawings

A couple of years ago I committed myself to the first 200 drawing challenges from the Everyday Matters group on yahoo. I made it to 152 before I let myself get distracted. The purpose of the group is to point out that it's the every day matters that make every day matter. The mundane is what makes life special. Today, I decided to pick it back up and look for other sources online as well so that I will be challenged to draw every day. It is how I want to start and end every day.

There are about thirty that I haven't posted, but you can find the bulk of the previous drawings here: https://www.artisticbiker.com/the-gallery/every-day-matters/


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5 Minute Nudes

Duh! :)
I have this continuing project that I like to do called 100 Days. The premise is that if you want to get better at anything, do it every day for 100 days. It doesn't matter what you want to get better at: drawing, painting, public speaking, dancing, making love, WHATEVER. Do it for 100 days in a row, even if only for a few minutes, and you can't help but improve. After the 100 days, take a break, try something else, or just do it again, especially if you are trying to improve your love making…

On Twitter, I'm tagging it #100DaysArt because 100days was already being used by another group and the nude drawings were freaking some people out. Speaking of nudes, back to the point. This time around I'm drawing 5 minute nudes. I find that I am not satisfied with my ability to capture the figure quickly, especially a dynamic figure. So I am limiting my time to capture as much detail as possible. The nudes are "figure models" from around the internet. I have found a few good sources such as posespace.com where the nudes are purely artistic and in common everyday poses. I have also come across many other sites that I won't list here, but let me just say "artistic nudes" searches bring up some interesting poses and closeups.

Anyway, just to get the G+ album caught up, I'm posting the first 37. I'll make this a weekly posting so you can track the progress with me. There will be rough spots along the way, but in the end I believe it will make me a better artist.

*Please note the dates written on each one as Google didn't load them in order. If anyone knows how to sort photos in an album, I would LOVE to learn.


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Drawing Class 8: 2b or not 2B

Tonight in Drawing Class I gave a brief explanation of what all those numbers mean on the ends of your pencils, why you would choose one over the other and why it matters. I touched briefly on the concept of surface "tooth" and grain.

To illustrate the point, I used one of Boy2's toy cars with different pencils clipped to it to draw lines across a page. This demonstrates how the darkness of the pencil varies while the working pressure remains relatively constant, thus preserving "tooth".

The class is free and online at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/19418035
The password to get into the class is in the newsletter here: https://www.artisticbiker.com/newsletter


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