Biker Once More

Motorcycle with backpack strapped to it
Azula loaded for an art ride

I bought a motorcycle last October. I told the wife I needed one and she agreed. It’s a 2011 Yamaha Stryker 1300. I will be cruising along wondering why everyone is going so slow before I look down to discover I’m going 90 and couldn’t tell.

I’ve been unemployed (again) for a little over a month. After a morning of filling out applications, sending resumes, I decided to load the art bag on her and take her out for a spin.

30 minutes down the road from me is No Label Brewery. Founded in 2010 they are in an old rice grainery. I thought the grainery would make a nice sketch so that’s what I did.

rice grainery
No Label Brewing Co.
ink and wash sketch
Ink and wash sketch

I did most of it live on Twitch, but it was difficult to get the camera to stay still, especially when the wind picked up. However, I did manage to video most of the process so watch for it on the you tube. I’ll update this later with the link.

Mixed Media Rooster Art Journal Page

mixed media rooster painting in an art journal

mixed media rooster painting in an art journal

I have been prepping a lot of canvases to paint more. When I can’t think of anything to paint, when nothing else moves me, I am going to paint a rooster. It is the year of the cock in the Chinese zodiac so that is my motivation. Painting big…. roosters. Ba-KAWK!
This week’s easels come to us from Jamie Lynn a.k.a. artistpoetgirl, Pauline Chandler and Patrick, and Pamela French!
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Krylon Safety Yellow:
Krylon Forest Green:
Krylon flat black:
Krylon flat white:
Card stock:
Brush Pen:
Windsor Newton Professional Watercolors:
Kilz Primer:
Golden Absorbent Ground:
Apple Barrel White:
Krylon Clear Satin:
Spray wax to keep your pages from sticking together:
a good book to work in:

The Artistic Biker is a blunt force journey through the art world and art journaling. If Bob Ross, Red Green and Justin Wilson had a love child, it would be The Artistic Biker!
Each week I produce The Artistic Biker Live! on Ustream, then upload the edited videos here. There’s usually a brief beginners art tutorial, and then I demonstrate the technique, and then practical application of the lesson in my art journal. I use everything from graphite pencil and charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, spraypaint, I’ve even used valentine’s candy. So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE ALREADY!
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You can watch the video here:

The Artistic Biker Does A Complementary Sunset

I did a complement value chart during the $2 Tuturial portion of the broadcast that left us with a cool Yellow and Violet pallet to play with. I was inspired to paint a sunset. Materials are my art Journal made of used paper grocery sacks, Sargent Art’s liquid acrylic student paint deep spectral violet, The Fine Touch acrylic Yellow Med and Black, Master’s Touch Fine Art Studio Acrylic Titanium White, I use Kilz as gesso, and a satin Krylon clear coat. When dry, I’ll apply Turtlewax Spray Wax to keep the pages from sticking together.


Sunsets have their beautiful colors because the short blue and violet wavelengths filter out in our atmosphere. Sunsets on Mars are blue. Discover News has a video about it here:

Watch the extend play, without the paint drying over @YouTube:

The Artistic Biker Does Strawberries

This week we did a little tutorial about value charts and it inspired me to do a monochrome painting of strawberries. Materials used were: An art journal, acrylic gesso, flat white spray paint, Sargent Arts Acrylic Paint liquid Spectral Red, Real Art Supplies Acrylic liquid Carbon Black, Master’s Touch Fine Art Studio Acrylic Titanium White, Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarelle watercolor pencil Red, Uniball Vision Elite gel pen Black, Brush Pen with Bombay Black India Ink.

Georgia O’Keeffe was known for here majestic desert scene paintings and her paintings of limited pallet or monochrome, naked botanical lady parts. You can learn about her life as an artist from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum video: Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life in Art

Watch the extend play, without the paint drying over @YouTube:

Weekly Update 10SEP2015


Things are changing in my world and this time it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel might not be a train.

Watch the LONGY here:

Watch the QUICHE here:

Watch the EASELS here:

This week’s easels are from Athala (, Jay the Viking (, The Sexy, Red-Headed Darcy (, and Artist Poet Girl Jamie (