Mixed Media Rooster Art Journal Page

mixed media rooster painting in an art journal

mixed media rooster painting in an art journal

I have been prepping a lot of canvases to paint more. When I can’t think of anything to paint, when nothing else moves me, I am going to paint a rooster. It is the year of the cock in the Chinese zodiac so that is my motivation. Painting big…. roosters. Ba-KAWK!
This week’s easels come to us from Jamie Lynn a.k.a. artistpoetgirl, Pauline Chandler and Patrick, and Pamela French!
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Art Journal ice Storm 2012

Ice Storm 2012

Water doesn’t NORMALLY freeze in Oklahoma.  Not on its own, anyway. ‘Tain’t natural I tell ya!  Anyway, the last week of 2012, all the weather stations were talking about life altering winter storms that were going to hit our state.  I think it snowed for an hour or so.  Needless to say, we survived it.

There’s a video for this page over at Teh YouTube or in the window below:


Tuesday Tube 23OCT2012

The Video



Week three of The Halloweeny Season has a page ripping werewolf clawing through the background to get out into the full moon.  I really should have had Boy2 and Girl2 sing along with me on this one as it’s one of their favorites!  If the video get’s 20 likes and 20 comments I’ll post a second video showing where the claw marks came from.

Videos: Angry Fat and Baby Elephant Mini

Angry Fat Journal page

 A few weeks ago I decided to get back on the fitness track. One morning I decided to go for a run. The “bowl full of jelly” way my body shook the entire time was not pleasant.  My whole body was not just sore, but sore to the touch.  Apparently, I angered my fat.  Click Here to watch the speed painting of the journal entry on The You Tube.

Baby Elephant Mini Video Link

I also uploaded a video of me painting the Baby Elephant mini.  I enjoy painting these so there will probably many more and many more videos of them to come.  Click Here to watch the video over on The You Tube.

Evil Gall Bladder Is Evil!



A couple of weeks ago my beautiful, young bride’s gall bladder decided to ASPLODE! OK, it didn’t really blow up, but it did end us up in the hospital for an emergency gall bladder… ectomy?  Anyway, it’s gone now and she has fully recovered.  But we still did a page and a video about it.

This week’s What’s On Your Easel Links:

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