New Stuffs!

So, since I was SO incredibly happy with my waterbrush filled with ink, I decided to try it with a whole series of pigmented inks. I bought the primaries and secondaries of Dr. Ph Martin's Bomby pigmented India inks (

Of course, before I can do anything else with them, I have to experiment to find out how they can be used. :) I'll post the results when I'm done, and I'll most DEFINITELY talk about the process on The Artistic Biker Live! Thursday night at 6p Central:


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6 thoughts on “New Stuffs!

  1. So far, +Tammy G., I've only used the black in a waterbrush. I did the testing with a 1/2" synthetic craft paintbrush. Ultimately, I would like to fill the waterbrushes and carry them in a watertight case in my sketch bag. For now, though, I'm just testing the limitations of the inks. I may have to do it again with some acrylic inks and then again with alcohol inks. ;)

  2. I have found a super cheap alt to expensive water brushes in the kids section at most CVS type drug stores. These brushes come filled with cheap poster type paint and are kind of a pain to clean out but the whole set of 5 or 6 can be had for under five bucks.

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