Art Journal Holiday Diets

Diets are freaking POINTLESS during the holidays. People will for just OUT OF THE BLUE bring a spiced bread or home made fudge or bag of candy coated chocolate covered cherries… So I journaled about it. :)

The Ustream blew a breaker 20 minutes in, so there is a part I ( and a part II ( if you wish to see the two hour show in it's entirety.
The 7 minute You Tube version is available here: Art Journal Holiday Diets

This week's What's On Your Easel featured artists were:
+Eveline Hessels
+Darcy Wilkinson
+Kerri Love
+Leslie Herger
(Leslie has a whole series of videos about her automatic drawings you can find on her website here: )
+jay the viking
Bill Flowers
+Deina McIntosh

The week's In Chat Links were:

Whew. That's it for this week. Be sure and tune in next week to The Artistic Biker Live! Same Artistic Biker Time, same Artistic Biker channel! Thursday nights from 6-8p Central.


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