Gallery Update 111111

I met with the HVAC contractor this morning for a quote on installing the donated heat pump in the studio. The contractor called back with a quote this afternoon of $1680. That's with ME building the box and cabinet for the blower, cutting the hole through the wall, building the stand for the compressor outside, and NOT including the electric work. I believe that I shall seek another quote. o.O

Then I went to the Veteran's Day ceremony. Every year, I notice fewer and fewer of the WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans. I'm also noticing fewer of the Desert Storm veterans as the guys in my unit are aging and passing away as well. I wonder why all the men in my unit all look so old. I'm good with that as long as I can stay away from a mirror. I start to think there aren't as many veterans coming to these things, then I realize that all the people I thought were just kids are the new crop of vets home from Afghanistan & Iraq. The hardest part of the whole ceremony for me is watching the Gold Star Wives and Mothers receive their awards. It always breaks my heart.

Anyway, then I went back to the studio and finished hanging these two faux walls. I'll be hanging art work from them before long now. With Girl2's soccer season over, I should be able to get a lot more done on the weekends.


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