Art Journal: Christmas Cards

2 Hours on Ustream:
6 minutes on YouTube: Art Journaling Christmas Card

On this week's The Artistic Biker Live! My mom the producer was back from her globetrotting adventures. We were also joined by my beautiful daughter Girl1, who showed off her "Daddy's Girl" tattoo. She was the subliminal baby this week.

With all that excitement we chase a LOT of rabbits on the show, including discussing using my waterbrush as an ink filled brush pen! (which I LURVES!!!) Somewhere past half way done with the show, I finally managed to make a few card prototypes for Christmas this year. I'll probably re-do all of them this weekend and then get them to the printer. I could print them myself, but it's way more cost and time effective to go to Staples (free endorsement).

This week's featured artists were:

+Eveline Hessels
+Darcy Wilkinson
@sandyjonesUK has a daughter that made this

In the chat this week were:


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