A Brief Note 28NOV2011

Hello Peoples!

It is week four of the Drawing and Painting classes!!!  That means that the first drawing and painting classes have been moved to a pay-per-view functionality.  The videos have been free for 4 weeks and now they are to be used to help fund the studio.  On U-stream, you can still watch them for the measly pittance of $2US.  I made that so low because you will be trapped there watching and shouldn’t be able to download it to watch at your leisure.  If you can, you are wise and will find a way to do so regardless of whatever barriers I put in your place.  Therefore,  I must simply trust that you either need what instruction I have to offer more than I need to be able to give it to others, OR you just enjoy stealing.  :)

I am setting up the site so that you will be able to pay $5 and download them to watch at your leisure.  Burn them to CD.  Share them with your real world classes.  It is your download to play with as you wish.

You will also be able to register for a membership for $10/mo.  That $10 will grant you access to ALL of the downloads for a month.  It is automatically billed to your selected payment method by PayPal.  If you intend to download two videos a month, you may as well do this.

Finally, I have made a bargain for those wishing to pay annually.  The annual subscription rate is $100.  If you are good a the maths, or if you have a computing device of some sort, you may notice that is a $20 savings.  It will also come with unforetold yumminess such as downloads and surprise gifts and drawings that only YOU, the annual subscriber, will have access too.

More details on all of that as I figure out this stupid software.

We failed to mention on The Artistic Biker Live! last week what the password is.  This week’s password shall be: wonderland

The classroom is at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/oasisgalleryok.

This week in Drawing Class: Finding Shapes.  You’ve been told over and over to look for the basic shapes whenever you want to draw something, but what exactly does that mean.  I will show you a few examples and then I will draw a cat.  :)

This week in Painting Class: Popcorn II.  I’ll add the shading and finishing touches to the popcorn painting, explaining the color choices and brush techniques as I go.

Please feel free to share this information with ANYONE you think might be interested.  Remember, I’m not password protecting the classes to exclude anyone.  I only want to ensure that the people who attend are doing so on purpose.

Look forward to seeing you all,



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