The Santa Signal

Every year on Dec. 24th the Santa Signal calls Kris to duty!
So a lens fell out of my glasses this week. I'm a cheap frugal sort of fellow and am waiting for my insurance benefits from the day job to renew after January 1st to get new ones. Since I'm on vacation this week, I ought to be able to live without them for a few days, right? Except that now everyone can see through my disguise and recognize me as Titan Buff, saver of damzels in the dresses. So that, and the fact that The Artistic Biker Live! webcast fell on the Thursday before Christmas inspired this week's page: The Santa Signal.

See the ustream broadcast (2 hours) here:
See the 6 minute YouTube version, complete with me and the family singing The Twelve Days of Christmas (Boy2's public singing debut!) here: Art Journal The Santa Signal

This week's featured artists were:
+Darcy Wilkinson
+jay the viking

This week's in chat links were:


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