Art Journal: OK Apocalypse 2011

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WOW! Talk about a crazy week! In Oklahoma, we have had flooding, tornadoes, hail storms, and earthquakes! Add to that an infant that now wakes up an hour earlier because of FREAKIN' TIME CHANGE… That's some Bloomin' Adversity right there, let me tell ya! This page was inspired by one of the opening sequences on the old Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. I was always impressed how they never even seemed to TRY to draw anything even closely resembling their subject. A black round thing with small stripes was just as likely a phone, bowling ball, tennis shoe or skunk.

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This week's featured artists were:
+Eveline Hessels
+jay the viking
+Darcy Wilkinson

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3 thoughts on “Art Journal: OK Apocalypse 2011

  1. Love the earthquake/tornado page done 11/10/11. Blades style is so loose, wish I could paint like that, at least be more relaxed. It was also fun chatting with the other artists. My job is super high stress high profile there is no time for light banter. I would love to post my work and hope to stream as I will be out of work end of november for 6 weeks. Gonna do all i can to figure out how to use ustream, set up a blog etc. For now I will have to be content to participate by viewing my favorites, and Blade is definitely one of those. Watching him art and his family is so much goodness and fun. I Especially related to his comment about time change and baby awake an hour earlier, got a 2 yr old doing just that, thought I was dragging ass before.

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