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A year or two ago, I decided to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving. I borrowed a turkey fryer and carefully read all the directions. The directions tell you to place the turkey in the pot and fill the pot with water until it just covers the bird. Then you take the bird out and make note of where the top of the water is. That is supposed to be the amount of oil you use to fry the turkey. I filled the pot to the mark with peanut oil and heated it to the prescribed temperature and carefully lowered Thomas into the vat. This is where things go awry. They don't tell you in the instructions to allow room for the hot oil to EXPAND. So, when I put the bird in the vat, the vat overflowed and fire ensued. Big fire. Fire taller than my porch fire. I was smart enough to immediately turn off the propane and disconnect the hose. I also had the presence of mind to put the lid on the pot and wrap a wet towel around it to smother the flames. Somehow, all of that sense didn't come to me in time to PREVENT the fire.

This art journal entry is a spray paint and collage back ground with skunk drawn on watercolor paper and pasted in then painted with student grade acrylics.

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