Weekly Update 28MAY2015

The Videos


I’ve spent some time in Louisiana this week and sat on a cool patio in a soft rain while drinking ice cold beer and eating hot crawfish. PURE BLISS! Thought I’d paint about it in my journal a bit. The Sexy, Red-Headed Darcy named our crustacean Steve

The Longy: Can’t get enough of watching paint dry with us? Me neither. Here is the 90 minute LONGY.  https://youtu.be/NgnWN5_w2TQ

The Quiche: It’s pronounced “Quickie”. If you would like to see the process at high speed with me and the family singing a song along with it, then the 3 minute Quiche is for you. https://youtu.be/RyrbM_FewKo

The Easels: Each week my fabulously talented friends send in photos and videos of their works for me to share with you. Hopefully, it inspires EVERYONE to create something. This week we have Kelly Byrne, The Sexy, Red-Headed Darcy, Pamela French, Jamie Lynne and Jay the Viking.  Click Here to watch What’s On Your Easel! https://youtu.be/qukLE4y5oas

The Easels

Speaking of the easels, I up and left town with laptop in hand to edit this post and get it out for the website and the newsletter, but failed to bring any of the cool easel photos with me. They are all on the desktop that we usually broadcast from. I don’t want you to miss them, so expect a supplement newsletter in the very near future.

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