Sunday Roundup 17JUN2012

In The Classroom last week and on The Artistic Biker Live! I showed off some photos I had taken during my lunch break at work.  They were of several tarantulas crossing the road.  During the discussion I was reminded of the journal entry from last year where I captured a spider web on the page and painted over it.  Many people were intrigued by the concept so I thought I would demonstrate it this week on The Classroom.  You can watch the video from LAST YEAR’S spider here:

In preparation for this week’s episode of The Classroom, I made a PDF for you to download and share with whomever you please.  Capturing a Web


The little girl was having difficulty drawing stuff Saturday.  She said, “What’s the point? I’m not very good.”

Wholly Crap if I only had a nickel every time I said those same words, eh?  We had a long talk about practice if you want to get better and about just doing it for the fun of it.  Letting The Process be your result, not the Product.  She got it and ended up having fun free drawing.  I’ve been doing hands every night as part of #100DaysArt.  If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ , you can get a nightly update about the progress of those.  However, judging from Saturday’s sketch, I think the nightly practice has already begun helping me.

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