Sunday Roundup 10JUN2012

100 Days Faces

Both the 29 Faces challenge AND the #100DaysArt 5 min faces have officially come to an end.  I am still drawing faces every night, however.  I’m still drawing 5 minute nudes.  NOW I’m starting 5 minute hands.  Once you start, it gets very hard to stop.  Anyway, I did a flip through video and a quick demo of the 5 minute face.  I also answered a few of the questions that came up from viewers and twitterers.  You can see the video here:

Last week on The Classroom I finished up working on a painting of a large face.  26×37 acrylic painted on an expired wall calendar.  Inspired by the hot young lady at The Dollar General that winked at me, I named it “Winker”.  If you’re the hot young lady and you’re reading this… Girl, I’m old enough to be your much older brother….  <grin>

This week on the classroom, I promised to do a step by step on how I draw heads and faces.  We’ll cover the basic rules and why I don’t usually follow them.  I’ve made you a VERY basic PDF so you can follow along and share if you like.  You can download it here: Drawing the Basic Human Head

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast Sketches

The little girl and I are becoming quite popular at the cafe.  All of the folks file by to see what she’s drawing.  I guess it’s more accurate to say that SHE is becoming quite popular…  I’m just the guy that steals her bacon.

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