5 Minute Nudes Jan23-Feb05

NUDITY ALERT! Duh! I am spending 5 minutes a day practicing drawing naked ladies nude figures. This is part of my #100DaysArt process where I pick something to practice for 100 days in a row.  Here are the 5 minute nudes for the week of January 23, 2012 through February 05, 2012.

All of the previous 5 minute nudes may be found in the Gallery under 5 minute nudes.

5 min nude 23JAN20125 min nude 24JAN20125 min nude 25JAN20125 min nude 26JAN20125 min nude 27JAN20125 min nude 28JAN20125 min nude 29JAN20125 min nude 30JAN20125 min nude 31JAN20125 min nude 01FEB20125 min nude 02FEB20125 min nude 03FEB20125 min nude 04FEB20125 min nude 05FEB2012

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