The Classroom 07FEB2012

This week in the classroom we talked about foreshortening.  Foreshortening is a perspective tool where you show closer shapes of an object overlapping shapes that are further away.  For instance, in the foot drawing above, the toes are bigger and bolder than the arch of the foot. The arch is bigger and bolder than the ankle and calf. That foot is bigger and darker than the foot on the right, giving the illusion of one foot in front of the other.  @EvelineTimeless  accurately pointed out in the chat that it looks like these feet are actually walking towards you.

We spent about twenty minutes going over the basics of single point and multi-point perspective and then another thirty minutes discussing how that applies to the figure.  Interestingly enough, while foreshortening applies to any kind of overlapping and atmospheric perspective, I rarely find  the term used in other than life drawings.

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