You're My Obsession…

Last night, I took a sketchbook that was 5.5″ x 7″ and my new watercolor kit to the bookstore coffee shop to test drive it.  I found that holding the sketchbook and kit in one hand strained my hand and I couldn’t do it very long comfortably.  Most people probably would have just “sucked it up” and strengthened their hands.  I, however, decided to modify the kit.  I found an old CD case and mounted all of the necessary equipment into it and ouah la, a mini portable studio.  I have spent much of this evening customizing this.  My wife says I need therapy.  She says that as though she were the sane one.

I have outlined more of the details on a page titled “Mini Sketch Kit

Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw what I am afraid of.  I know a lot of people can put spiders, snakes, crowds, etc. into this category and just draw a picture and be done with it.  Once again this boils down to an abstract for me.  The things I’m afraid of aren’t things.  Like most people, I’m afraid of losing my family, my job, my home…  The thing that I fear the most, however, is the loss of my faculties.  A traffic accident, a work injury, or just growing old, the loss of my ability to listen to music, see and read, walk, run, dance, and romance are the things that terrify me.  So tonight I chose a subject that most represents that to me, a rocking chair.

EDM 70: Draw what you’re afraid of

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  1. The portable art studio is great! I wish my quilting hobby could be as portable. I guess it could if I hand quilted instead of with a machine. Your creativity may be just what I needed to take that step.

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