New Places & New Toys

The brother-and-sister-in-law introduced the family to a new dining establishment, Sean Cummings’ Irish Restaraunt & Pub.  With a full menu of Irish stew, bangers and blood pudding, the wife and I decided to split an order of fish & chips.  The light and crisp beer-battered whitefish was outstanding!  The best part of the meal for me, however, was the introduction to a new beverage, Hornsby Amber Draft.  This ale tastes like champagne.  I will definitely be tracking this down at the liquer store.  After the second, I remembered that the EDM challenge for the evening was to draw a beverage.  How convenient.  I find that I can sit in a crowded airport, museum or shopping center and sketch with people looking over my shoulder with no problems what so ever.  The same can’t be said about drawing amongst my family.  They have never done anything but encourage me, but I still feel self conscious around them.

Afterward, I took my new watercolor kit to the bookstore coffee shop to experiment and play with a new case I wanted to develop.  It worked like a charm.  I spent more time talking to a fellow “sketcher” than actually sketching though.  He invited me to a life drawing group in Oklahoma City.  I believe that will go.  There is also a watercolor society, and colored pencil society that I have been interested in.  It all sounds so reasonable until the wife pointed out how many coffees I would have to give up to be able to afford all of the membership dues.

EDM 69: Draw a beverage

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