March Virtual Sketch Date

Once a month a bunch of artists gather at a site called Virtual Sketch Date.  We are given a reference photo and we all render it in our own fashion.  It is open to all skill levels and, as far as I can tell, any art form.  The only requirements are that you have it posted within the week it is asigned, and that at least your initial entry should be clear that you began with the reference photo.  Then, of course, you’re free to do whatever excites you.


Incidentally, I did this one in my new mini sketch kit!  I’ve been carrying it around all day and showing it off.  My friends at work were very nice in not running me off.  They were very tolerant and even a little supportive.   I had intended to stop on the ride home and sketch a bit, but the sky looked like it was going to open up any second.  We were also having 60 m.p.h. gusts in a wind storm.  That wreaks havoc when you are trying to lean into a turn on a motorcycle and the wind puts you upright!  Oh, well.  Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight’s EDM challenge is a real struggle, draw something that represents your favorite sport.  Let’s see… favorite sport.  Hmm, whatever could that be?

EDM 71: Draw something that represents your favorite sport

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  1. I like your sketch, which is well done, but I really love the graphic interpretation — so creative!! And yes, I can tell it was inspired by the reference. :D

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