Walking The Path…

Have you ever noticed how all of the great men and women of the past were habitual walkers?  Moses, The Buddha, Jesus, Muhamad,  Ghandi and his peaceful disobedience, Dr. Martin Luther King and his march on Washington, all seemed to use walking as a means of finding and “fighting” for truths.  I have recently taken up walking.  I was looking for a low impact way of moving my body for a minimum of 3o minutes every day.  One day, it was pointed out to me that all great men walked.  We laughed about how walking is what lead to the greatness.  As I have been walking I have been noticing the world around me more.  It’s like personal meditation with a change of scenery.  Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw somewhere new.  The family decided to walk to China Moon, one of our favorite haunts just under two miles away.  While there, I sketched up this little guy, a fellow walker.  We wore Girl2 out completely, and we’re pretty spent too.  With all the walking I have been doing (along with smaller portions and cutting back on sweets) I have lost over 40 pounds.  I guess walking the path does lead to enLIGHTENment.  (boo!)

EDM 72: Draw somewhere new

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