Liberal, Kansas

Out again on another business trip.  I kind of enjoy going out of town on business.  New places and new people can be exciting and fun.  It is tiring, though, to be “on” that long.  I require a bit more down time than is available when traveling.  After the long drive all day, and after we ate dinner and rehearsed our presentation, I grabbed my artist paraphernalia and headed off to the lobby.  It was dark and cold outside so I didn’t get to do any sight seeing.  I drew the EDM challenge first then decided to play with my mini sketch kit.  OK, the truth is I had been looking forward to playing with the watercolor kit all day.  So I dashed out this rendition of the fireplace mantle in the hotel lobby.

The EDM challenge was to draw a mailbox.  Being that I was in a hotel, there were not a whole lot of mailboxes handy.  I asked the clerk where I might find the closest one.  She assumed that I wanted to mail a letter and directed me to the outgoing mail basket.  Well, there’s something a little different.

EDM 73: Draw a mailbox

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