Ustream and Podcast Update 29JUL2010

Last week on The Artistic Biker Live!, I interviewed the Journal Girl herself, Samantha Kira.  I think the interviews are going well and with the feed back I’m getting, obviously the majority of you do as well.

I am still struggling with recording and editing the interviews done live during the show.  I have already posted the interviews with Rhomany, Leslie Herger, and Connie Hozvicka.  I still have the WONDERFUL interview I did with Eveline Hussels (Eveline Timeless), and now this one with Samantha, to edit and get online.  My hope is that they will both be finished an online this weekend.

There’s a reason those five interviews are so important to me right now.  The six of us have a Huge project we are working on together. We have kept it VERY hush hush up until now.  I was going to yell it from the rooftops six weeks ago but the others tackled me and taped my mouth shut.  Not necessarily a bad thing as I do tend to ramble.  Anyway, TONIGHT I will finally be free to make the announcement of what we’ve been working on and fill you in on all the solid details!  I am VERY excited!

Also tonight on The Artistic Biker Live!, I’ll be interviewing Newfoundland’s Jeanette Jobson of Illustrated Life! Jeanette received a grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council to study the almost lost Japanese art of gyotaku or “Fish Rubbing”.  What a unique technique for my journal! I’ve bought some fish and I’ll be trying out this technique as she fills us in on how she even found out about it. She also suggest that I stamp Boy2 so if the mama turns her head, you never know!

Be sure and tune in tonight, and every Thursday night from 7-9p U.S. central time for The Artistic Biker Live!

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