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Two weeks ago on The Artistic Biker Live!, I interviewed Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio.  She has been having some BIG and FEARLESS workshops going on and in honor of our interview and of her great works, I did a journal tribute to BIG and FEARLESSness.

Starting off by gluing an extra manila folder onto the page to create a three panel spread, I gessoed all FOUR sides and allowed it to dry.  Then, I layered some purple and yellow florescent paint with an old credit card.  I cut up a few pages from Wreck This Journal to make panels in the background so I could paint butterflies like Connie’s.  The rest is just straight paint.

Of note in the video, however, is that normally my left hand is just a useless stump meant only for stabilizing material for me to work on with my right hand.  Here, you can see me switching between using the blow dryer and painting left AND right handed.  That is SO far from normal for me that my lover immediately sat up while watching the video, grabbed the remote to rewind and said, “What did you just do!?!?”

You can watch the video on The You Tube, or in the embedded player below:

The interview with Connie was also cut very short due to a thunderstorm knocking out my electricity.  I have battery backup on everything EXCEPT the Wi-Fi router!  I’ll have to remedy that in the future.  Anyhoo, if you would like to see the interview, I have it posted on The You Tube as well, or in the embedded player below:

I have some GREAT interviews lined up so be sure and tune into The Artistic Biker Live! on Thursday nights from 7-9p U.S. Central time.  We have a blast discussing all kinds of art stuff and gossip while I work in my art journal.

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