Art Journaling with The Journal Girl Herself

These past few weeks I have been having some SERIOUS AT & T issues. Our cell phones haven’t been working properly, our internet service has been shoddy, and there have even been slight issues with our land line.  They just recently upgraded their mobile network in our area, but they claim that wouldn’t have affected all of those other systems.  Maybe I just have gremlins.  All I know is that for six weeks I have been building up to The Big Sekrit Project show where I can finally announce what I have been working on with Leslie Herger, Rhomany, Eveline, Connie, and Samantha Kira.  The night I was finally going to make the announcement, my service shuts off entirely.  I am not amused. The last thing AT & T told me was that I had to buy a new modem. I did, so let’s see if that solves the problem.

Because of the technical difficulties, not only was the Big Sekrit Project not revealed, but my discussion with Jeanette Jobson didn’t get to happen either.  I am rescheduling with her and it looks like we might be able to go live on Wednesday evening to make up for the missed show.

The other week, I had the amazing Journal Girl herself, Samantha Kira on The Artistic Biker Live! She told us about her upcoming books and her ongoing workshops and just simply lit up the screen with her presence! Samantha’s advice and workshops center around layers and being true to yourself.  In her honor, I did a page in layers similar to how she starts hers, but then the spray paints and beer bottle caps come out to make this page my own.

You can watch the video of my Journal Girl page on The YouTube, or in the embedded player below:

Be sure and “Tune In” to The Artistic Biker Live! every Thursday night from 7-9p central!

Upcoming events on The Artistic Biker Live!:

05AUG2010 We will discuss adding doodles and lettering design elements to your pages and I will speak with Dawn DeVries Sokol author of Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls.

12AUG2010 Stencils, Stamps & Bows as we talk with Paula Phillips, better known as Journal Artista

So tell me, what sort of things do you do to your pages or your work in general that you feel defines it as “YOURS”?

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