Toes Go In First!

Tango Golf India Foxtrot!  TGIF!  Thank Goodness It’s Friday!  Some weeks just seem to drag on.  Others just fly by.  This one did both.  I suppose that I am still learning how to balance my priorities.  My work seemed to get away from me and now I am playing catch up.  I didn’t do ANY of the challenges I set for myself artistically except for the EDM.  That, at least, I have managed to be consistant with. Last night’s challenge, draw your artspace, got away from me.  I tried to eliminate the clutter as I was drawing.  Should have just drawn the piles of paper, books, and various other flotsam and jetsam.  Always learning and moving forward I guess.

I have always told the kids that sometimes you can’t do the things you want to do because you are busy doing the things you have to do. That is not always the case, though.  Sometimes, you don’t get the things you have to do done because you were messing around with the things you want to do.  Ah, sweet procrastination.  One of my recent finds is The Fluent Self by Havi Brooks.  My first take on her was that she was a sweet, well meaning, hippie flake.  I still think that, but I also think she makes a lot of sense.  As I read through her posts I found myself readily identifying with much of what she has to say.  Wander over there and give her a looksy.   She posted a few must see websites last night and I was up way too late checking them out.  One of my new favorites is Mindful Time Management.  There, Janet Bailey reflects on the sources of procrastination (self doubt…), recognizing it for what it is (negativity), and ways to deal with it (positivity).  Check her out as well.

Positivity is a word I like.  ;)

EDM 81: Draw your artspace

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  1. I like your sketch. However, one person’s clutter is another person’s treasure. If you had drawn your clutter, I think the sketch would have been so much more varied, and more like real life. The time you needed to clear your workspace you could have used to draw what you were clearing from your desk. Just a thought.

    I’m looking forward to EDM 81 myself, with all the clutter (and dust and dirt) involved.

    Honesty is a word I like, and it’s more powerful than positivity, because it’s neither positive, nor negative. It is just what you think for yourself, and not say to others, hence without the usual filters of implied self-criticism and little white lies to keep the peace and good relationships going. Always be honest to yourself!

  2. You are absolutely right about the honesty. If I were more honest with myself, I might have actually cleaned it before it got to that point. There are so many things that honesty can cure.

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