Shannon Springs

The Shannon Springs in Chickasha, OK, was a prominant watering hole for the cattle drives of the 19th century.  Highway 81 through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas follows the Chisolm Trail.  The vast majority of towns along this highway owe their existence to the cattle drives.  Only the ones that were able to find other industries are still viable and even those are dwindling as those industries move to larger cities and foreign countries for cheaper labor.  Shannon Springs Park is the body of water I chose for EDM 82.  They found a mammoth when they excavated this park.  Evidently this watering hole has been around a very long time.  There was a bath house once that was later turned into a public swimming pool.  The Bath House building now offices the administration for The Festival of Light.   There was a zoo here when I was very young.  The animals were in very small cages though and I’m glad that it is gone.  I remember being sad looking at the lion, bear and vultures in their 10′ x 10′ cages with little huts in the middle.  Seems like the vultures couldn’t quit staring at the bear.  That area now has a toddler playground.  I think they enjoy it more than the bear did.

EDM 82: Draw a body of water

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