Yesterday, I decided to get twitterpated.  Usually, that involves staring into the eyes of my lovely wife, but this time it refers to  There, people can post little blurbs throughout their day.  Most just post what they are doing, but many post random, often hilariously personal, thoughts about the world around them.  I’m just now feeling it out, but if you twitter, there’s a link to follow on the right, or just add @Blade21292.

Last night, two of the three girls went with me to sketch the EDM challenge, draw a streetlight.  I had been thinking about this one all day and was determined to get the streetlights from downtown.  As we were walking out the door it occured to me that it would be more in the spirit of the “everyday matters” to have drawn the one in our back alley.  As I stood there sketching in the placements of the lamposts, making the occasional reference to Mr. Tumnus, Girl2 was running up and down the sidewalk being chased by the lovely Mrs. Blade.  It started sprinkling on us and since I already had the placement down, we hurried back to the house out of the rain.  I completed the shading in our living room and noticed the curb didn’t diminish properly.  I like the composition though, and I think I’ll try to get this one again.

EDM 80: Draw a streetlight

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