The Nose Knows

Girl2’s skin is extremely pale and translucent.  She gets that from her mother.  My beautiful young bride and I were lounging around one summer night when the moths started dive bombing her.  Her skin was so pale that it was the brightest thing in the moonlight.  Unfortunately, Girl2 also got my allergies.  This time of year, as the days get longer and the warm air starts blowing up from the Gulf of Mexico bringing with it just enough moisture to keep the pollen afloat, we are all itchy, sneezy and watery.  If we are paying attention, the bridge of her nose will turn purple from the swollen sinuses underneath.  That’s our cue to medicate.  If we miss it, then she gets an ear infection in both ears.  Another lovely trait she picked up from dear, old Dad.

EDM 65: Draw a nose

0 thoughts on “The Nose Knows

  1. Be thankful for the “purple” warning! Girl1 and I aren’t lucky enough to be forewarned.

    I am wondering why you drew the nose from a front view rather than a side view. Was it just more of a challenge?

  2. That and I wasn’t satisfied with the way it turned out the other night on the “Draw a picture in a frame” challenge. I just wanted another stab at it. :)

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