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Business took me out of town for a couple of days, but I continued with the challenges while I was away.  I went to the lovely town of Lubbock, TX.  Becky, the desk clerk of the Homewood Suites was very helpful in suggesting some sites to sketch while I was there.  Unfortunately, I was only going to be there for one night and one day.  That would mean that a trip to the local canyon at sunrise/sunset would be out of the question.  The EDM challenge that night was to draw a fire hydrant.  It was 2:00 a.m., 40ºF and I didn’t even bring a jacket.  I captured the essence of the hydrant and ran back in to the room.  Still not tired enought to sleep, I read a little of Danny Gregory’s “The Creative License.”  Then I broke out my sketchbook and drew the bedside lamp and the TV.  When I awoke the next morning, along with my bill I found several brochures that Becky had gone through and marked for me.  Some of them looked really neat.  I will have to schedule time to go back down there.

The biggest problem with using your blog to journal is that when you can’t be home or have no internet, then your journal is not kept current.  But just because you are in a motel room 500 miles away from all that you love, doesn’t mean you can’t update your journal!

EDM 66: Draw a fire hydrant

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