That sinking feeling

Sometime around 1900,  someone decided to add an upstairs to my house.  The stairwell is not quite 36″ wide.  The upstairs was carved into four bedrooms that were pretty much mirror images of each other.  They added a front porch in the 30’s and extended the front bedroom over the porch.  Sometime after that, someone decided to add indoor plumbing to the upstairs.  They carved a bathroom out of one the bedroom closets.  The fixtures in that bathroom just barely fit in there by themselves, let alone once a person has walked in.  The sink that was in that bathroom when we bought the house was 23 inches from front to wall.  I can’t tell you how many times one of us would hit our forehead on it while ascending or descending upon the throne.  As soon as I could I ripped that sucker outta there and replaced it with this “anteeky” looking model that is only 13″ deep.  No more headaches in the middle of the night.

EDM 64: Draw your sink

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