The Artistic Biker Lets Fly His Kilt

Let Fly the Kilt

We’ve had storms all week all over Oklahoma.   I defiantly wave my kilt in the air at them! Poking a bit of fun at the weather, is all.  The area where I live and the area where I work are almost always right on the edge of the storms as they pass through with minimal damage.  Not everyone is that lucky, and the relief efforts for those communities will continue for a very long time.  You can help by using your phone and texting “STORM” to 80888.  That will charge a $10 donation to the Salvation Army against your cell phone bill.

On this week’s easel we had the sexy, red-headed DarcyW (, and The Mighty Jay (

Since I changed up some of my video hardware and software, my cameras all face the right direction.  I was actually rotating the video to continue showing them in the upside down format.  But a quick vote resulted in overwhelming support of the upright format from now on.  So, upright from now on it is.

Video Short:


Video Long:


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