Daddy/Daughter Breakfast 01JUN2013

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast Sketches

This was the start of a VERY long day for me & Girl2!  I had been at the studio until 2am, went back to the studio at 6:30, and went to take the little girl to breakfast at 9:30.  We talked more than we drew or even ate.  She was very excited to be working the gallery event that night.  The art’s council First Saturday Kids were in the studio in the morning so we ran errands all morning.  Then we cleaned up and set up the studio for the evening event.  She put her dress on, her heels, and her earring (she only has one ear pierced).  She played hostess the whole evening and even played tambourine while Boy2 kazooed with our guitarist.  By the time she got into bed at 11p, she passed out with a huge smile on her face and didn’t wake up until after 10 the next day.  It was a GREAT day for us.

The Band

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