Limiting Facebook and IG

Pinup Practice

It has been a while since I’ve updated my website. Like so many others, I began using Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience. However, those platforms are zeroing in on creators and people with differing opinions. Discord updated their terms of service to say they could deplatform you for something you did while NOT on their platform. Imagine getting into an argument with someone and then trying to take a bus home, and the bus company won’t let you ride because they agreed with the person you were arguing with. It makes no sense.

Worse, they are closing in on risqué creators. If your art skills are good enough, the bots tag you. Once they start tagging you, the “punishments” compound, even if you get a previous violation overturned. One could probably argue that getting the previous violation overturned simply made them more intent on bringing you down.

With all that in mind, I’ll be doing what I should have been doing all along. I will publish on my website and share from there and through my newsletter. At least until my domain host and mail server decide to censor us too.

Weekly Roundup 26AUG2012

The Art

 With all the craziness that comes with my beautiful, young bride’s school starting back up (she’s the art teacher) and me leaving for a week of training in Houston, there hasn’t been much activity on the Artistic Biker front, nor on the Oasis Gallery & Studios front.  We did manage to get a little arting in, but mostly it was about staying sane and not killing anyone.  While I was in Houston, I stopped in to the Ragin Cajun Oyster Bar and Grill and had TWO DOZEN OYSTERS!!! I love oysters and these were the awesomenest.  Those with six hushpuppies, dirty rice, two Blue Moon pints, a slice of bourbon pecan pie and a cup of spiced rum coffee and I thought they were going to have to roll me back to the hotel!

The Classroom

While we’re on the subject of sketching and painting in public, this week on The Classroom, I believe I’ll demonstrate and talk about the pros and cons of inktense over watercolor pencils.  That’ll be Tuesday night 7p central time at and the password is “arting”.

Daddy/Daughter Breakfast

Girl2 has really taken to drawing these doodle tangles that look like flowers, dragons, cats, owls..  Sometimes she colors them and sometimes she just scribbles something.  I encourage her to use her imagination during this time and she’s doing GREAT.  I have been getting a touch bored with drawing spoons and coffee mugs, so for the second week in a row I worked on the plastic flower.  My coffee mug is almost never empty at this cafe because the waitresses are all eager to see what we are doing each week.

The Video

Several weeks ago, I made a new art journal on The Artistic Biker Live.  Believe it or not, I finally got around to producing the You Tube video.  You can watch that here:

 Everything should get back to normal this week with the classroom, the show, and the progress on the studio.  There’s a lot still to do and a lot still in store so be sure and tune in each week for the craziness.