Saturday Sketches 09MAY09

zoo09may09cheetahsThe girls and I loaded up and went to the Zoo today.  We got there around 12:30pm and closed the place down! (7pm).  A biologist, an art teacher, and a three year old at the zoo together is ALWAYS an all day affair.  Not only that, but we didn’t even make it through the whole zoo.  I did manage to grab a couple of quick sketches of some cheetahs and other wild animals.  I am always amazed by the sketches of crowds that contain details of all the people walking up and down a busy street or mall.  I desperately need to get quicker because the animals and random people won’t sit still for me.

zoo09may09wyldonesI also decided today would be a good day to try out my new pen.  It is a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen extra fine.  I’m not sure I like the way it “scratches” on the paper, and it is stiff so it doesn’t lay down a dynamic line at all.  However, it’s waterproof and makes some beautiful, smooth, dark lines.  I may set it aside for illustration outline.  It seems well suited for that, but I’m not so hip on using it to sketch.  I’ll try again before making that decision.  I was really missing my brush pen today, even though it’s not waterproof.  I was trying to be frugal in what I was going to have to tote around.  We ended up renting a stroller while there and I didn’t have to carry everything anyway.  Before long, I’m going to have to carry a full rucksack of art supplies just to go to the park.


EDM 113: Draw something ugly that you love

EDM challenge 113, draw something ugly that you love.  That’s a really tough one for me because when you look at things through the eyes of love, they become beautiful.  Take for instance a nasty, greasy, old, chicken leg fried in week old shortening… with a tasty batter of 11 secret herbs and spices cooked to sweet and salty perfectio…

Dear Diet,

I know you saw me with that chicken leg the other day.  It’s not what you think.  Someone left that chicken leg out and I was just keeping it company until it could get a ride somewhere.  Honest, Diet, nothing happened.  And I was drunk anyway and wasn’t fully in control.  Oh Diet, you have to know that fried chicken leg meant nothing to me.  You know I only love you, Diet.  Please forgive me.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Sketches 09MAY09

  1. Fabulous zoo sketches – i also go for the sleeping animals to draw as they don’t move much ! Zoos would be a great place to draw peple though as they are so interested in what they are looking at that they dont bother about the artist in the corner !

    I do my pencil sketches first and then highlight in PITT pen if drawing in public. Yours look great

  2. Thank you for your comments, Alissa! I find that as Girl2 gets more active, it becomes harder to sketch at the Zoo without frazzling The Bride. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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