A Budding Young Artiste!

girl2apples2I love it when the kids paint with me.  Of course Boy1 and Girl1 are much to grown up to indulge in such trivial pursuits.  But Girl2 LOVES it.  This is an apple tree in watercolor, I believe roseart, on computer paper.  This shall be hanging on the LitK for several weeks before it goes into storage.  I expect to trot it out for the press when Girl2 becomes queen of the planet.  I believe that my bride drew the tree and the circles for the fruit.  But just look at the looseness of the brush and the range of pallet the child has already grasped.  Yes, it’s evident that she is well on her way to being the ballerina, astronaut, veterinarian, biker, artiste, queen that she is destined to become.  I wouldn’t mind applying for that job myself.


EDM 112: Draw a fence

In Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall“, the neighbor states that “Good fences make good neighbors.”  Frost, in mischief, alludes to the sadness that dividing up the earth is the only way for mankind to get along with each other, while simultaneously conceding the point.  We build fences and walls everywhere we go.  We build them to keep things out and to keep things in.  We build them around our homes, neighborhoods, cities, some even like to build walls around countries.  But it’s the walls around our hearts that go up the quickest and come down the hardest.  On those walls, you can spend years taking bits of brick down before you can see into that heart again.  In half a second though, some misplaced word or deed, and that wall is not only rebuilt but reinforced.  But there is something in nature that doesn’t love a wall.  As long as you’re willing to keep trying, they will fall.

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  1. Just to clear the record-our fabulous girl drew and painted all but the tree outline. The other painting she gave her Daddy was all her. She loves to paint and actually shows up some of my students by being able to mix primary colors on her own to create the color she wants!!

  2. Nice composition on the fence. I love images of the details of things we would usually just look past.

    Oh, and tell Girl 2 she did a great job on the tree (hopefully, she will remember this compliment and show favor on me when she is queen of the world).

    Jeff’s last blog post..He Shoots! He Scores!

  3. I prefer the medium used on the fence drawing to all others you have posted. (Except of course the bird from the zoo who remains my all time favorite)I have looked at that fence many times and totally missed how it is entwined.

    The problem with those walls is that each time they are rebuilt it takes longer for them to come down; and everyone suffers, because for as long as the wall is up, no one is allowed in.

  4. Bride: As I said, she’s amazing

    Jeff: I love the close cropped still life! Thank you for your comments. I wrote your name in the book so that her highness may look upon you with favor from on high.

    Mom: All walls are temporary. I think the bird would look nice on a T-shirt.

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