Playing in the Blues

Tonight, it was important to play in the blues.  I call this “Boys Don’t Cry”.  I think I will have to revisit this much larger with bolder colors.  Probably not watercolor next time.

Kimberly watercolor pencils, waterbrush, memory brush pen black, on canson watercolor paper 90#.

Tonight’s EDM was to draw my toothbrush.  The biggest challenge for me here is shading the bristles and still distinguishing the shadows between them.  Again, I desparately wanted to reach for the colors!  Those of you following along will notice that I skipped EDM 39 and jumped straight to 40.  That’s because 39 is “Draw at a museum”.  I am 40 miles or two days from an open museum.  So I will do that one on Saturday when one of the local museums opens.

EDM 40: Draw your toothbrush

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