My beautiful young bride is a Halloween nut!  If it’s creepy, ghouly, bloody, spooky, she’s all about it.  We used to start planning our Halloween parties in March.  This is the same woman who will stand on a pile of books and shriek until I come pick up the spider and take it outside.  If she walks through a web, if a grasshopper jumps near her, if a moth wing brushes her skin she will run away, arms flailing, screaming in a pitch that only dogs and dolphins can understand.  She has never seen any of the Friday the 13th, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  That is why I call her my Halloweeny.  Tonight’s EDM challenge was to draw something related to Halloween.  I just grabbed the nearest candle holder and off I went.

As for tonight’s Thing-a-day, well, it’ll all work out.

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