Li'l Red

You can always tell which of these I like better.  I almost always put it on top!  Tonight, the EDM challenge was to draw something with folds.  I have my motorcycle gloves lying on the dining room table, which my bride finds to be terribly disquieting.  Especially this month.  Seems between the EDM challenges and the Thing-a-day, I’m not putting away my art gear quite as thoroughly as I should.  She did quietly remind me that “til death do you part” doesn’t have to be as far away as it sounds.

Speaking of Thing-a-day, tonight’s proved to be more of a challenge.  We went to Barnes & Noble with the intent of me sketching while the wife and girl2 had story time.  What ended up happening was the two adults trading off a three year old as she ran from aisle to aisle.  She *LOVES* the bookstore.  Get ’em hooked young!

EDM 41: Draw something with folds

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