Saurophaganax maximus!

The 39th EDM challenge was to draw at a museum.  I had to postpone it because it happened to fall on a Thursday evening.  Today, Saturday, I loaded up Girl2* and my beautiful young bride and we trekked off to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.  As soon as you walk through the doors, there is a saurapod poking his head out of his display and looking at you.  That’s when the sqealing started.  The poor child was so excited that only dogs and dolphins could understand what she was saying.  There would be a stream of incoherent high pitched syllables followed by shrieking laughter before she would run off to the next exhibit.  I spent about 20 minutes coaxing this Saurophaganax maximus into my sketchbook so that I could bring him home.  He’s my Thing-a-day.

For tonight’s EDM challenge, draw at a museum, I present Eryops megacephalus.  A resident of the the lower permian age, around 295 million years ago.  Also, I give you a very large dragonfly.

EDM 39: Draw at a museum

*Edit: I must have had Gilr1 on my mind when I original listed her as the child I took to the museum.  It was, as Gia pointed out, Girl2 that went with us and squealed with glee.

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  1. The detail is excellent on the EDM drawing. I like this medium better than with the pen. Also I believe it was Girl2 who squealed, although Girl1 at age 3 was just as excited about dinasaurs. I believe Dad was also facinated by them.

  2. I was surprised to learn the top drawing was with your new pen! I haven’t enjoyed the previous drawings with the pen but this one shows how comfortable you are becoming with the pen. Again, the details are great.

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