Bob Deux – Still alive!

a photograph of a crawfish in an aquarium
Bob Deux relaxing in his pool

buy provigil london Bob Un died after about a week. We boiled crawfish at home this past summer and the first time we did it, we picked the first escapee, put “him” in a tub, and named him Bob. Then he died. The next time we boiled bugs, we did it again. This time, we figured out what they eat and what their environmental needs were. And, I’ll be damned if the bug, Bob Deux, isn’t still alive almost four months later.


Lurasidone no prescription This week, we have an easel sent in from Pamela French WAY back in April. It’s colored pencil of her daughter and a horse

colored pencil drawing of a girl and her horse

Boy2 Sketching Demons

Boy2 abstract watercolor

Girl2 anime sketching
Random Object from the Random Object Randomogrifier
Nightly Pinup Practice
fountain pen in moleskine
Nightly Pinup Practice
fountain pen in moleskine
Nightly Pinup Practice
fountain pen in moleskine
mini painting on a regulation sized poker playing card
A Snail – watercolor and acrylic
Art Journal Page
Girl2 playing a BASS
Acrylic on craft paper
watercolor sketch
a shoe
windsor newton watercolors on arches hot press block


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