Is this thing on?

We have had a lot of fun these last few months. We have taken some time to goof off, hang out with friends, even try out some of the local attractions like river floating where I about died. Girl2 has spent most of her time being a teenage girl hanging with friends and talking about how stupid everything is and how she and her friends will do it differently. Let’s all hope that’s true.

She received the gift of a digital drawing board for her birthday this summer and has spent an increasing amount of time learning to use it and draw anime. This has inspired her to also draw in her sketchbook more and to actually paint on canvases. Michael’s had a special BOGO sale and we stocked up!

And this kid has been painting her fool heart out!

Because SHE’S been doing it, Boy2 has also been sketching and painting a lot more recently. He doesn’t want me to show his yet (they’re a surprise for My Beautiful, Young Bride). But it has also had me opening my sketchbook as well.

Even to the point that we did a journal video and uploaded it to the youtubes!

And the whole time they were telling me about how they wanted to do a show. We haven’t done a show in a very long time. We had a long talk about it and have decided to start them up with a bit of a different format. Yes we will still do some art journaling, but that won’t be our only focus. We’re going to throw in some fine art episodes, mini paintings, watercolor, figurative works, and faces. We’re going to be live on on Thursdays. We’ll probably go live around 6:30pm US central time, and get started around 7. The live show will not be saved, but will be edited and uploaded to the youtube later. Be sure and send your easels to so I can show off what you’ve been doing. Together we’ll use your works to inspire others because that is ALL this is about!

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