S10E2 Figure Work

Girl2 in her Homecoming gown

First, hug yer babies. They grow up SO fast! One day your brushing paint off their face while they smile up from the table at you. The next you are standing in full assault armor staring down any potential suitor who’s brave enough to approach. Her 4″ heels put her over 6′ that night. She said the boys didn’t dance with her. I told her they weren’t worthy.

What’s on Your Easel?

If you would like to be a part of What’s on Your Easel, simply send an e-mail to Blade@artisticbiker.com with the subject line “Easel” and we’ll use your work to inspire others. That’s what we’re here for.

Our first two easels come from Pamela French. One is a wood cutout with acrylic paint she did for her grand daughter. The second is an artist trading card with watercolor, acrylic, collage, and Ink.

The next Easel comes from ArtistPoetGirl Jamie Lynn The first two are books she made and decorated and the next three are laminated napkins she made

I’ve done very little this week, but I’m happy that I did something. Something is always better than nothing. I did a set of faces, an art journal page, and a couple of pin ups:

The Artistic Biker Live!

For the show this week, I demonstrated the tools I use to get some figure practice in when I don’t have access to live models.


Then I demonstrated that I desperately need more practice with charcoal pencil and figure work. There’s video over at the YouTube.

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