Artistic Biker Sketch Bench

Continuing with my building stuff, I was able to contact Paul Overton of DudeCraft again and get him to sit down with me AGAIN. This time with sound.  I hope to have that interview and many others up this week if Dream Host will sit still long enough to allow that.  Anyway, what I’ve been building are these really cool sketchbenches.  If you’ve never seen one before, they are GREAT for life drawing or studio sketching.  You straddle the bench and use the high back to rest your sketchpad against.  It provides a great support  for your work and a comfortable way to work.  However, when the day is done and it’s time to put them away, they are VERY cumbersome.  They don’t stack well and take a LOT of space.  Not good for most of us with limited studio area to begin with.

I began looking at ways to modify this from the very first time I used one.  I wanted to figure out how I could carry one of these on the back of the bike.  When I quit going to figure drawing in Oklahoma City, I put this idea on the back burner.  However, since we’re trying to get a new studio off the ground in Chickasha, I thought of them again for our membership during figure drawing sessions.  Then I began to think about how I would store them.  That’s when I decided to make them collapsible.

I also made a video demonstration that you can watch on The YouTube or in the embedded player below:

4 thoughts on “Artistic Biker Sketch Bench

  1. Great idea to have them collapsible. These were known as ‘donkeys’ when I was in training in art. I remember them well and yes, very useful for drawing in class.

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