Art Journal a Boogie Monster

This week I did one of Connie Hozvicka’s challenges from the latest issue of Art Journaling: It’s All Good. The challenge was a Boogie Monster. Also, I’m not a Bee Gee.

I decided to do The Artistic Biker Live! this week about using prompts in your art journal.  Prompts are great for when you REALLY want to work in your book, or on canvas, or anywhere else, but you just don’t have the muse.  I keep copies of Wreck This Journal and Doodle Diary around just for those times I can’t decide on what I want to work on.  The e-zine Artjournaling: It’s All Good comes out every other month and usually has TONS of prompts in it.  In this issue, for instance, Connie blessed us with a list of 101 prompts.  You should never run out of things to journal about.

You can watch the video on The YouTube, or in the embedded player below.

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