Podcast Catch Up Day 1: Paula Philllips

While I was out of town several weeks ago, I had to broadcast The Artistic Biker Live! from a motel room.  During that show I had a brief interview with Paula Phillips, a.k.a. @Journalartista.  Paula has a HUGE following on You Tube because of her wonderful instructional videos demonstrating various tools and techniques for scrapbooking and art journaling.  Be sure and check out her blog Messy Mind Creative Soul and her You Tube channel.  You can also catch her Ustream broadcast on Wednesday evenings from 8-10p c at http://www.ustreamtv.com/channel/Journalartista.

Below is the interview in both video and mp3 format.  I will need to speak with her again sometime when we don’t have so many connectivity issues.

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