Art Journaling – A Journal’s End

photo of the last journal entryHoliday weekends always throw me off.  In the U.S., we just celebrated the 4th of July or Independence day.  Because it fell on a Sunday and most large corporations promise the employees a certain number of holidays off work, we were given Monday off.  When that happens, I wake up on Monday thinking about all the stuff I need to get done before I go back to work on Tuesday and it just doesn’t occur to me that it is MONDAY!  For instance, I forget to post to my blogs.

So now it is Tuesday and I’ll tell you about the Journal’s End entry in my art journal.  This is the art journal I have been sharing with you on YouTube and U-stream pretty much from its inception.  All but the first four entries are recorded on YouTube.  It is kind of sad to see this one come to an end, but it means I get to start another one.

On the The Artistic Biker Live!, I had the opportunity to give away a free membership to Dirty Footprints Studio’s Art Journal Love Letters workshop.  I took down all of the names of the people in the chat during the broadcast and held a drawing.  My friend PoeticDreams won the drawing, which was particularly exciting because she had been having a very bad day.  After the drawing, I pasted all of the names into my final entry to remind me who was there with me on that journey’s end.

Special thanks to: ArtistPoetGirl, Juriaan13, Poeticdreams, Ikerrilove, TheAmpleGoddess, EvelineTimeless, LifeUnity, GodsMixedMediaGirl, DoreneGayle, and JournalArtista!

You can watch the video at The YouTube, or just watch it in the embedded player below:

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