U-stream Update 08JUL2010

Man, do I love discoveries!  I love sitting around and thinking about stuff and wondering if something is even possible, then jumping up and finding out.  I always used to stop at the wondering.  The other night I was wondering if you painted with glow in the dark or neon paints, how would they look under a black light.  Then I wondered what would happen if you painted over them with regular acrylics?  The picture doesn’t really do this justice in that my black light is a simple 60w bulb, but the glow paints shined right through!  You couldn’t see them at all with the lights on.  That means that I can paint a picture in glow paints, paint over it with regular paints and the bottom layer would only be visible under a black light.  Oh yummy!

Tonight on The Artistic Biker Live! I’ll break out the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW JOURNAL and play with this underpainting concept.  It looks like it’ll be loads of fun.  Also tonight, the lovely and talented Eveline Hessels, better known as @EvelineTimeless will join me for a chat discussing her recent journal flip videos, her amazing paper beads, and of course, The Big Secret Project!  Be sure and tune in from 7-9p U.S. Central time on The Artistic Biker Live! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-artistic-biker.

3 thoughts on “U-stream Update 08JUL2010

  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say it’s entertaining to watch your ustream and also youtube, where I first found you. I’m in Italy, so I can’t watch you live on ustream, but I do check out the recordings! Art journaling fun :) Ciao!

  2. So sorry I missed the interview–but I did catch up with you at DirtyFootprints and thought your work was wonderful. Can’t wait to see this blacklight project you are working on.

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