Ustream Update 01JULY2010

Be sure and tune in The Artistic Biker Live! tonight from 7-9p c.  Tonight, I’ll be making a new journal and talking about material selection, stitching and binding.  The very talented Leslie Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studios and founder of will join me for a brief discussion of book binding, but more importantly she has some juicey news she would like to leak to the public and has chosen my show as her platform!  Many of you may know that she is one of the collaborators on The Big Secret Project, along with me, Samantha Kira, Eveline Timeless, Rhomany, and Connie Hozvicka!  We are currently under a hush order from the Dutch Ministry of International Internet Copyright Law Enforcement.  We will, of course, hear what Leslie has to say about THAT as well.
So be sure and join me from 7-9p c at for The Artistic Biker Live!

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