Art Journal Hide The Turkey

Last week, Girl2’s kindergarten class was given the way cool assignment of disguising a turkey.  They were each given a drawing of a turkey that they colored and pasted a disguise onto so that it wouldn’t be found on Thanksgiving Day.  My wonderful daughter put a big red nose and antlers on her turkey.  She said, “He is Rudolph. No one would eat Rudolph because that’s Santa’s reindeer.”

Can you say venison? I thought that you could.

Anyway, I thought that was a brilliant project so I decided I would paint a scene depicting a hidden turkey and journal about her project.  Initially I was going to have 21 turkeys hidden throughout the page to remind everyone that time to sign up for 21 Secrets is running out.  However, as my friend Rhomany says, once you break out the small brushes, the paintings done.  She’s absolutely right because once I painted the turkey lamp, I lost all interest in painting anything else.

I also sang a little tribute to Arlo Guthrie.

You can watch the video on The YouTube, or in the embedded player below:

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