I’m going to have to start earlier.  I come home from work, help the wife around the house, and play with the baby.  Then at 9pm when the baby goes to bed, I start working on the projects.  The hard part is making the midnight deadline.  Especially when the Thing-a-day website is set to eastern time.

I was so stoked that this was pretty much all I thought of today.  Staring at my computer screen or my paperwork at the office, people thought I was deep in thought and so, left me alone.  Little did they know that I was busily planning my next creative project.  It’s like stealing from the company.

SocksTonight’s EDM project was to draw a piece of clothing.  Luckily for me, it’s laundry folding night.  On Sunday evenings, we *TRY* to keep the laundry going until it’s all washed and dried.  Whomever happens to be available when the drier buzzes puts the next load in and hangs up what needs to be.  On Mondays, *WE* fold the rest.  I had to add the words “try” and “we” because my wife is the only one who is consistantly available on Sundays, and Mondays means a sock-ball fight between me and girl2 as we help fold. That goes on until my beautiful young bride runs us out of the room screaming, “QUIT HELPING ME!”

EDM 22: Draw a piece of clothing

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  1. And while “your beautiful young bride” is running you two out of the room, you two are laughing that you were willing to help but “Mommy wouldn’t let us!” What a patient young bride you must have!!!!

    I like the fish and think you should do an entire aquarium. In watercolors

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